Make a donation and help us to help those less fortunate.

Club Cares is the registered charity for Property Club and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

What is Club Cares?

Club Cares is dedicated to immediately improving the quality of life of those less fortunate with the supply of goods and medical services directly to them.

Club Cares is a registered charity set up by the Property Club where 100% of the monies received go direct to our recipient. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Established in 2007, Club Cares has raised and donated over $2.1m, including a $1m donation to the Australian Red Cross to set up The Young Centre, a training facility for Brisbane homeless youths.

Club Cares is able to act quickly to disperse funds and make purchases for recipients as we have no ‘red tape’ or bureaucracy. All donations are tax deductible.

Club Cares In The News

Kevin Young first met Craig Michaels when he was working in Brisbane for a local charity. Together they implemented some back-to-work training programs with the Red Cross.

Craig was suffering terrible injuries and required hip replacements on both sides but simply couldn’t afford the high cost. Club Cares was delighted to be able to assist Craig with the surgeries and his surgeries have been a complete success. Total Donation: $60,000.

Craig is now kept very busy with his charity business Back to Work Training and is leading strong reform in the charity sector. We highly encourage you to visit Craig’s website to hear his amazing story.

“Craig Michaels has an inspiring story that is without doubt one of the major reasons of his success for mentoring clients. Life has thrown almost every possible challenge to Craig.”

Megan Needs Your Help!

Megan is the niece Property Club Member Elaine Slade and a wife & mother to three children. Megan has multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed when she was in her late twenties. At first it was thought that she had a mild form of the disease, however in the last few years she has become a great deal worse. She is only 47yrs old. Over the years, Megan has involved herself in raising money for MS research. She even drove a lawnmower from Melbourne to Sydney to raise money! Read more and donate so he can come home. REF: Megan.

Help Us Raise $5,000 For Alyssa!

Alyssa - Club Cares - A Property Club Charity
Alyssa has severe physical and mental disabilities, and at nine years old, her parents can no longer lift her in and out of the car. Deb Morgan, Property Mentor, nominated the family for Club Cares assistance. All monies raised at the Conference for Club Cares will be matched and given to the family. Dig deep – this family needs all the help we can give them. Donations can be made online now. REF: Alyssa.

We Love Our Volunteers!

Your Chance To Show You Really Care! If you’d like to donate your time, Club Cares would love to welcome you in one of our new roles – a state club carer or club carer. Read more…

We Love Our Volunteers

Thank you messages from recipients of our charitable works

“Thank you so very much. I am so excited. I was very nervous about where funding would come from for this necessary renovation to our bathroom/toilet. What a wonderful way to start our year.”   Wendy, Vic, January 2014

Oh thank you so much for the donation towards Tom’s FES bike. That is wonderful news! This machine will make a huge difference to Tom’s ongoing therapy and recovery.   Louise Vic, January 2014

“We would like to pass on our deep gratitude for your most valuable contribution towards the funding of this important piece of equipment for our daughter Olivia’s daily care”.   Mr & Mrs Trappet, December 2012

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