Club Cares Inc Ambassador Pat Farmer

We are proud to announce that the Hon.Pat Farmer has agreed to be the Ambassador for our Charity – Club Cares.

Pat is a High Profile Leader, acknowledged for his media expertise, positive public “brand” and influence to unite and inspire action for a vision or solution. He spent 9 years as a successful Federal Politician including 3 years as Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Science and Training.
He also has more than 30 years experience working with charities and raising literally millions of dollars for multiple charities in Australia around the world. This and so much more was highlighted when he was honoured on THIS IS YOUR LIFE program in the year 2000. Also in 2000, Pat was the winner of “Achiever of the Year”, awarded by Prime Minister John Howard.
Pat has continued to build his brand as a humanitarian and charitable fundraiser. Pat has made many personal sacrifices including selling all of his own personal possessions to fund his adventures. Just weeks before he was scheduled to depart for a 20,919 kilometer run from North to South Pole, his major sponsor pulled out. He was faced with a choice, give up his Dream to be the first man to run Pole-to-Pole or sell everything he owned to finance the expedition. As history shows, he sold almost everything, his house, his furniture and most of his worldly possessions in order to take a shot at his DreamFor the attendees at this Years 9th International PMC Conference in Penang Malaysia, we were all privileged to have Pat attend the event after running a small 100 km night race in Singapore.
His inspirational story was motivational for all of us, including three future Young Investors (three children who were in Penang with their parents who attended the conference). Pat spent extra time with the three and presented them with the medal he received for his Singapore run.

In addition Kevin Young, Kathy young and the Property Club will be assisting Pat on his Investment journey in building a property portfolio of his own. Pat will also be available to attend our National Conference, PMC Events and State Conference/Expo’s. If you would like to book Pat in for upcoming events please send requests via Virginia Bergman