Kathleen Young

Has shared the Property Club passion to help people to financial freedom. Since the Club’s inception in 1994, Kathy has been vital in providing practical step by step help to members and being the core of all Club Cares activities. Kathy’s dream is to see this same practical, no nonsense help is delivered to the disadvantaged in Australia. Kathy’s aim is to see that 100 cents in the dollar go directly to those in need and not into expensive overheads. Thanks to the Property Club meeting all the administration costs, this aim is being fully realised.

Annemarie Osborn

Has worked for the past 30 years within the state and federal governments as well as community organisations across a variety of roles in the mental health and disability sectors. Annemarie is currently working for the Department of Housing and Public Works as a Manager coordinating housing and support for clients with mental health, disability and child safety issues.  As a voluntary management committee member Annemarie worked for over 20 years assisting people with a serious mental illness to be housed in long term accommodation and linked with appropriate services as well as supporting the growth and development of a consumer focus in the community sector.

Virginia Bergman

Virginia has previously worked in state government in the health area.  Working in a variety of positions she saw many disadvantaged people  from all walks of life. In her personal life she has witnessed how an accident can change someone from being healthy to having to deal with pain on a daily basis.  Virginia became a Property Mentor with the Property Club in 2000.  Having a mission in her heart to help many people, especially women to become  financially independent, she commenced her journey.  Now working at Head Office, Virginia has been able to blend her role as Personal Assistant to the Club Founders and  National General Manager with her Property Mentor role to view the “big” picture in helping others.

Board Members

  • Fiona-Davis

    Fiona Davis

  • David Grieve

    David Grieve

  • Mel Sampy

    Melanie Sampy

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