Let’s Help Little Rori

We are delighted to introduce our conference recipient Rori.

  • Branch Manager – Chris Ford
  • Property Mentors – Bryce & Amanda Kroenert

Little Rori had a massive stroke and ended up in hospital for 10 weeks. She had lost the use of her left side but with lots of Occupational therapy she should make a full recovery.

“In the past our Property Mentors Bryce & Amanda have always encouraged us to access assistance from Club Cares and we have declined, simply because we have always been in the position to afford Rori’s extra needs, however with her stroke came some very unexpected and expensive needs.”

“So we are writing today to ask whether you could raise an application on our behalf for a therapeutic bike that would assist Rori in the returned use of her legs and with the muscle building that goes with the motion of peddling. When we trailed her in the bike she vocalised every time she wanted to move forward so it has proven to be a piece of equipment that motivates Rori to move.” – Deb & Brett Olliffe

Please help by donating online or at the Property Club annual conference. Ref: RORI

Caralyn Pearce | Club Cares Coordinator

Ref: Rori