Kieron D'Netto

Meet Kieron – Our Latest Club Cares Recipient

Kieron was introduced to Club Cares through our partnership with the Paraplegic Benefit Fund.

“My name is Kieron D’Netto, I’m a 30 years old Quadriplegic, I broke my neck back in 2004 when I was 17 in a diving accident jumping off a bridge down the Gold Coast with friends. 

Since the accident I’ve always looked on the positive side of life and now use my situation in a positive way to educate others about spinal cord injuries and how easy it is to end up my shoes or worse. I do voluntary work and go out to Primary, High Schools and Hospitals doing Awareness/Motivational Talks which is what I find to be my purpose in life and find it very self fulfilling.

Last year I was gifted a wheelchair vehicle, but I’ve had to completely drain my savings to pay for the engine repairs.  Recently another major hidden problem was picked up with it having a bent rear axle. After going seeing a specialist service centre that deals specifically with modified vehicle’s like mine they’ve quoted $2023.50 total to replace and fix issues with the rear end, service the transmission, fuel filter and replace the faulty drivers side mirror. Of which I have no further savings/funds to pay for these rectifications that urgently need doing. 
This is the only mode of transport I have, which I need to be able to go to the important Dr’s/hospital appointments, shopping, access the community, family and friends places/outings but most importantly to continue my voluntary talks where I’m going to Primary/High Schools and Hospitals educating others and serving an important purpose within the community. Without it I’m completely housebound as I can’t afford the cost of maxi taxi’s!  If you think Club Cares would be able to help, I would be eternally grateful!