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Property Club


Property Club is a leading property investment company that assists investors through every stage of the investment process. With an extensive network throughout Australia, we have researched, sourced and sold nearly 20,000 properties in Australia and New Zealand to more than 17,000 investors since we were established in 1994. More than 5,000 of these investors today hold property portfolios worth more than $1m in value!

The Property Club funds all the administrations expenses for Club Cares so ALL MONIES RAISED GO DIRECT TO OUR RECIPIENTS!

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 DEPPRO Pty Ltd Australia

Depprounnamed (1)DEPPRO Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading property depreciation company, specialising solely in the preparation of Tax Depreciation Reports for residential, commercial, industrial and leisure investment properties. With more than 12 years’ experience, we offer access to a multidisciplinary team with industry-leading skills in property depreciation. Our highly trained staff service clients’ taxation needs in all areas of investment property ownership and management with a personalised, affordable and rapid service.

For every report Deppro complete for a Property Club Member they donate $50 to Club Cares.  In total they have donated over $250,000 and have supported many of our major individual recipients.

For more information on Deppro’s member services please view their website www.deppro.com.au

PBF Australia

Sincere thanks for Property Club’s PBF Australia Corporate Membership.

Member Benefit and Eligible Member(s)
PBF Australia are a membership based organisation, offering crucial financial protection in the unfortunate event of a traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI).

PBF Australia seek to reduce the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury in Australia through PBF injury prevention and peer support programs. Life after a spinal cord injury can feel overwhelming. From a logistical perspective, major adjustments are required to your home, vehicle and workplace to enable you to maintain your independence. In addition, rehabilitation and ongoing daily living costs continue to exist and grow.

Members of PBF Australia who sustain a permanent spinal cord injury (at work or at play) are eligible to claim a member benefit of $250,000.00. As part of the Property Club ‘s ongoing commitment to their employee’s welfare, they have been corporate members of PBF Australia since 2007.

As corporate members, the Property Club are also helping to support people living with an SCI in their local community. PBF offers employment for many individuals impacted by spinal cord injury, provides road safety education programs at schools and has a gifting program to assist those living with an SCI who are in financial hardship. The support of PBF members such as The Property Club enables PBF Australia to achieve this.

For more information please contact Tony on (07) 3423 3966 or tsouth@pbf.asn.au .


Australian Red Cross – The Young Centre

Red Cross - Club Cares Partner

Principal supporter of one of Brisbane’s most successful homeless youth initiatives, Kevin Young, says that he is overwhelmed with the volume of support that The Young Centre has been able to provide to young people sleeping rough in Brisbane this year. Making a difference to hundreds of lives around the city, figures show more than 30 per cent of the centre’s walk-ins have been given access to secure homes in the initiative’s first 12 months.

Kevin and his wife Kathy, founders of property investment company, Property Club, donated nearly $1 million into the Red Cross initiative through their charity, Club Cares, at the beginning of 2010, with the organisation opening its resources officially as The Young Centre in July 2012.

The Young Centre provides support for approximately 80 people per week. Currently, the centre is providing intensive engagement and support for 21 young people and casual support for 16 young people in the areas of housing, employment, education and training, health and well-being, money and budgeting, food and nutrition, and various other life skills.  On average around 40 young people access the centre’s Nite Café service for support each week.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to see the changes that a donation can make to one person’s life. When you’re then witness to changes to over 1000, that’s when you stand back and feel gobsmacked at how far things have come,” said Kevin. “The Club Cares donation sparked the movement however the overwhelming support and effort by the centre’s staff and volunteers is what truly made this initiative a success.”

As of January 2013, the Young Centre has been fully staffed with five youth development workers, a team leader, an admin support officer, and a coordinator. Renovations to the centre over the past eight months will serve as a new office and life skills space, equipped with a computer lab, small teaching kitchen, laundry facilities, workshop area, and private meeting rooms. Future renovation plans are also currently in place to revamp the facility’s rooftop into a functioning education space.

“The progression we’re making is outstanding. In May this year our Night Café service returned to the basement of City Hall, where it first began its operations. We expect that this move will nearly double the number of young people that currently access the service,” said Matthew Cox, The Young Centre.  “We’re forever grateful to our supporters who have made this possible.”

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