Property Club

Property Club has been helping ordinary people create extraordinary property wealth since 1994.

The Property Club investment strategy is geared towards long-term capital growth through property. It is based on using the property equity to help grow wealth and over the long-term give you the option of an early retirement or an alternative to superannuation, and allow you to afford the lifestyle that you desire.

Our key points of difference:

    • We specialise in recommending investment properties – these are properties that fulfil our strict investment criteria and that will make a good long-term investment

    • We give you access to investment properties that are located Australia-wide so that you can buy from a national stock list no matter where you’re located

    • As experienced property investors ourselves, we’ve developed a comprehensive range of services that we have identified as critical to streamlining the investment process and to make it secure as possible. These services have been put in place to assist you to overcome those hurdles that many investors who go it alone are faced with. Access to finance brokers. Property inspections. Finding tenants to avoid long vacancies. Detailed written property investment analysis. We’ve got that covered.

Let our hindsight become your foresight.

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Kevin Young, founder of Property Club – Where to invest.

[transript of the video]

“So, you and I know how to make money out of the property. We get in before the others do. It’s the same as if we know bananas are going to be short next year and the profits are going to rise, we get in there when it’s two dollars. Not when it rises to seventeen dollars. And that’s what we’ve done successfully since we started the property club. We got in early.

So, that’s why I’m suggesting an area now that we should get in to. Think, now where is it? I want to keep it a secret between you and me. But, it’s an area that’s capital city has a very good population increase, has a lot of infrastructure coming into it, but lo and behold, it’s the last of the capital cities to take off. It’s still snoozing from our big supply that came through in 2007 and 2008. Remember, three years before that we doubled our money. We did very well. It’s coming out of a sleep now, Rip van Winkle’s waking up, and prices are going to catch up to other capital cities.

So where is it? Keep it a secret, because we know it’s South East Queensland and in particular, the Gold Coast. A lot is starting to happen there right now. A lot hasn’t happened over the last few years, so people have tended to bypass it. Now they’re zooming in towards Sydney. Now, that’s where we were, as you know, four years ago. We got in before the herd woke up. We got in some good prices. So, now, it’s our big secret, it’s South East Queensland and you know why. The facts are here in front of you. The infrastructure’s there, the common game is coming in, more and more people are pouring into the Gold Coast now than ever before. It’s a city in it’s own right, right next to the Brisbane city, an exquisite city. Lots of employment, lots of people, lots of tourism, lots of infrastructure, and it hasn’t yet boomed, so my prediction is it’s the last of the combined cities to take off.

With all this going on, it’s going to go up fifteen percent between now and October, November of next year and by then we’ll be moving towards a federal election mode that will have talk about the commonwealth games coming on. Everyone’s going to be excited. Everyone’s going to moving in and prices are going to be rising. Look familiar? That’s Sydney. When did you get in to Sydney? We got in to Sydney four years ago. We saw the secret was getting in early. We got in then. Did you? I did. Let’s keep this a secret. Let’s be our secret. That’s the Gold Coast, that’s South East Queensland, that’s Brisbane, tip switch. Get in now, but don’t tell anyone.

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