Kieron – November 2016

“I can’t tell you how grateful and thankful I am to all who were involved in the decision process at Club Cares in approving to help provide the necessary funds to fix my vehicle to allow me to continue my community work and keep what independence I have! You’ve really have made my day and taken a huge weight of stress off my shoulders as well.” Keiron, QLD

Toni – August 2016

“OMG, I’m in tears…that is absolutely overwhelming!! Can’t even begin to explain how much incredibly grateful we are. We will definitely have a wonderful weekend with that news which I’ll share at a special family Xmas in July lunch we are having for mum tomorrow. We’ve had a bit of a rough week so this has come at just the right time. I can’t wait to tell mum!!” – Danielle, QLD

Samuel – July 2016

“I am deeply touched by this donation, on behalf of Samuel & his family.” Kym, QLD

Benjamin – July 2016

“Simone and I would like to say thank you to you for having organised this tremendous act of generosity. During this whole fund raising process, Simone and I have been through a quite extreme emotional roller coaster, from feeling somewhat lost as to how we could ever achieve what we needed, to great satisfaction at having provided something that people have enjoyed
and contributed at the same time. Through all that we have been repeatedly humbled by the generosity of people, their time and effort as well as their donations.”  – Collin, VIC

Lachlan – June 2016

Nicole and Lachlan were thrilled with the chairs they received due to your generosity and the support of Club Cares and members of your organisation.

“My sincere thanks for your efforts as Lachlan’s posture will be well supported now and he will also gain the additional sensory stimulation he needs from the movement and pressure provided by the chair.  Nicole is a devoted and hard working Mum to Lachlan and her recliner will provide much needed and well earned comfort and relaxation.  I admire and appreciate your compassionate and cooperative effort to help Lachlan and Nicole.”  – Dr Evelyn, NSW

Wendy – January 2014

“Thank you so very much. I am so excited. I was very
nervous about where funding would come from for this necessary renovation to our bathroom/toilet. What a wonderful way
to start our year.”

Louise – January 2014

“Oh thank you so much for the donation towards
Tom’s FES bike. That is wonderful news! This machine will make a huge difference to Tom’s ongoing therapy and recovery.”

Mr & Mrs Trappet – December 2012

“We would like to pass on our deep gratitude for your most valuable contribution towards the funding of this important piece of equipment for our daughter Olivia’s daily care.”

Martin & Karen Gregg

“How can we possibly thank you for your caring and your wonderful support? Whilst no amount of help can change the position we are in with regards to the Batten Disease of our two children, the caring and support we have received has made a great difference in our capacity to cope and we remain so very grateful to you and our community that has reached out to us.”

Trevor Smith and Philippa Eustance-Smith.  PMC Members

Our son James was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome at about 3-4 months of age.  Neither Philippa nor I had ever heard of Williams Syndrome before as Down Syndrome was a more common Syndrome. At the time we
were told, we didn’t know what to think and had a lot of unanswered questions and unchartered waters to sail. What the future would hold, how would his older siblings Ben and Lucy take to him and how capable he was going to be.

We read as much information as we could via the internet and books. We found out that it was relatively unknown 1 in 20,000 births, was discovered in 1967 by Dr Williams in New Zealand and that common features were a heart murmur which would require an operation at some stage with regular monitoring; hyper or Hypo Calcimia causing eating and food difficulties were common, but fortunately, James didn’t suffer either of these; learning difficulties from moderate to severe; kidney/bladder problems, which James recently had an operation for and this unique friendly disposition where they will talk to anyone and are so inquisitive.

We spent a lot of time in the hands of experts from paediatricians, education specialists, geneticists, cardiac surgeons and school support staff. The picture began to clear and like the auto focus on a camera, life became more focused.

We moved to Adelaide, South Australia just over 6 years ago from the UK and settled very well immediately. James was 5 years old at the time and we had to go through introducing ourselves to various medical experts and specialists again. I had emailed the Williams Syndrome Association of (SA) Inc who have been a huge help and support.

James attends a main stream school that also provides one to one tuition for him. The school recently announced the use of iPads for some of its lessons to assist children with learning disabilities as they found the children responded more
and were able to type quicker than they wrote.  Philippa and I are both members of the Property Club and have got to know Phil and Judy Hill through this membership. They stated that they were nominating James for a Club Cares donation
and once the Property Club approved the donation, we thought it would be a great idea to assist in James education by purchasing an iPad so he could use it at home as well as school and increase the learning curve to benefit him
educationally. We discussed this with Phil and Judy who kindly facilitated the necessary paperwork, which like the process of purchasing a property through The Investors Club was straight forward.

I became the Regional Director of Williams Syndrome Association of (SA) Inc. in 2011, a voluntary position. The committee and I work tirelessly to try and improve the quality of life for children and adults with Williams Syndrome
and their parents by raising awareness, providing respite care and fundraising. We regularly organise events to raise funds and awareness and are always looking to explore new avenues to raise our profile.

If any member would like to know more about Williams Syndrome or to make a donation (tax receipt can be printed), please visit our website at . A big thank you goes to everyone from the Investors Club and in particular, Kevin and Kathy Young, Phil and Judy Hill and everyone at Club Cares.

As for James, like all kids, who knows what the future holds, but we aim to give him the best chance in life and to make the most of his talents and assets. He plays soccer and cricket for the school and tries his hardest at everything he
does. With the love and care from those around him, support educationally and from medical professionals, he has a great future.

Thank you for your support and allowing to share a snippet of James life.

Hi Kevin and Kathy,

It was wonderful to meet you both at last night opening of the Young Centre.

I thoroughly enjoyed our rooftop banter and have reflected all day on your inspirational ideology.

If you are in Surfers Paradise at any time please give me a call. I’d be delighted to allocate time for a catch up.

Your emotional dedication and the dignity of your example was a poignant reminder to me personally… in relation to why I do my job.

It goes without saying that your actions will serve to influence many struggling lives, many future generations.

Even more importantly, your “rolled up sleeves” style of philanthropic leadership will serve as a prompt for many others (on the cusp of giving) to match your example.

What great Australians.

Very sincerely,

Red Cross

I just wanted to take another opportunity to thank you personally and to thank Club Cares for all of the support given to myself and the projects over here in Thailand. I know there have been a few hiccups over the last few months as staff change in Head office, but I appreciate your help in getting the donations over here and into the projects. This is now my 4th year living here in Thailand and my plan is to stay here indefinitely helping the Thai and Burmese people.

I am involved with many projects including; an orphanage for HIV+ children, a mother and baby home, a project helping prostitutes and transvestites in the bars and clubs, programs teaching English to University students as well as assisting individuals and teams that come on outreach from around the world.I love the work that I am involved in over here and there is never a dull moment. I am a volunteer so totally reliant on support from others. That is why I am so thankful to Club Cares that it can provide an avenue for individuals to transfer money to us and particularly grateful to yourselves in paying the fees and charges involved in being a Charity.

As a Young Investor I am so thankful for all the effort and sacrifice you have both put into the Property Club, into developing and blessing the lives of so many other people in Australia and abroad. Your hard work and incredible generosity does not go unnoticed. Thank you again, so much!

Warm Regards,

Katherine Moss

As a volunteer working for Samaritan’s Purse I was delighted to be asked by Lesley Kolega and Paul Hodgson (TIC Support Members in Port Lincoln, SA) to speak at their “Christmas in July” fundraising evening about a particular initiative called “Operation Christmas Child” (OCC) run by an international organisation called Samaritan’s Purse.  During the evening I gave information about OCC and showed slides from my trip to Thailand where I delivered thousands of shoeboxes full of gifts to children living in poverty.  I share my story and encouraged people to join me in preparing their own boxes this year.

It was a lovely evening and thanks to games, a raffle and donations, the wonderful amount of $490 was raised.  I was later told by Lesley and Paul that Club Cares would match that effort to increase the total amount raised that night to a huge $980.  There are many ways this money could be used but I assume it will go towards the shortfall needed to freight the boxes to their destinations.  Each box requires $9 to cover expenses like freight and often boxes are packed without this extra amount included.

Last year over 8 million boxes were delivered worldwide and the number grows each year.  The 3200,000 plus boxes from Australia are usually set to Papua New Guinea, Thailand or Cambodia.  Our Port Lincoln area filled about 600 boxes this year.

So, on behalf of OCC I would like to sincerely thank The Investors Club and Club Cares for their incredibly kind donation which will change the lives of many children in need around our world.

Sue Hodgson
November 2010

Hi Leigh,

I’d just like to send you and the directors at Club Cares a huge thank you on behalf of my family for your generous donation of funds to match the amount we raised for Grant’s family.

It was very sad for everyone when Grant lost the battle with his tumours in August, but the support he and his family had throughout his illness has been wonderful. I know Marcia is thrilled with our fundraising efforts on their behalf, especially since they have never even met most of the people who have raised this money for them. I know she will use the money to assist their children with whatever they need in the years to come without their dad.

I have also thanked Nancy & asked her to pass on my sincere thanks to our branch members who helped to raise the funds. It was a fabulous effort made by many and especially by Nancy.

I am very proud to be a member of such a great club !  It’s very heart-warming to know that the Club supports not only it’s investors in such a nurturing way, but also touches the lives of others who struggle in the face of adversity, often through no fault of their own.

Congratulations TIC !

I hope you will pass this message on to Kevin & Kathy, for without them, none of this would exist!

Keep up the great work Club Cares – You’re a godsend to many !

With many many thanks from

Jill Reid & family (on behalf of Marcia, Chantelle & Jake Williams)

Dear Leigh Diplock and Club Cares

It is with my great pleasure to inform you that we are now the new owners of a Wheelchair accessible vehicle for Jacob and our family! It is a 2006 Toyota commuter in great condition with low klms which cost $34 000, it is now being modified with a wheelchair lift which will cost a further $18 500.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your support, without your assistance this would not have been possible. Having a wheelchair accessible vehicle will make such a difference to our lives,  Jacob can now  travel safely, Max and Beau can ride in comfort, our backs are protected and this has already impacted on our ability to access our community and  the feeling of been isolated is long behind us! We are now imagining all the people and places we can visit, we are looking forward to the many adventures we can have as a family that were not possible before.

At times this seemed like an impossible dream, but each and everyone involved lifted my spirits and gave me encouragement to keep going.  Along our journey of fundraising we have met some wonderful and caring people; it really has been an amazing experience. It has showed us that there are many good people out there who do care and you are defiantly one of them! I will treasure this experience for years to come and it has been a great learning experience for myself and children, we have all learnt that anything is possible and never give up!

Thank you so much for your support you really have made such a positive difference to our lives.

Thank you for helping make this dream a reality.

Kind Regards

Michelle, Patrick, Max, Jacob and Beau Edwards

Dhital Village | Testimonal

“What excitement you caused us when we read your email and we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your extremely generous donation of $2000  towards our Nepal Project. It brings our total up to $14,00 towards our goal of $18,000 and we only commenced in June! …”


Jan & John Adcock
On behalf of the Dhital Village

Billy Harris | Letter of Appreciation

“On behalf of my wife, family and myself I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Investors Club/Club Cares for their generous gift of the weight station and the Apple IPad for our son Billy.  As you are aware Billy had an accident on his push bike which resulted in an Acquired Brain Injury.

The accident  has left Billy semi paralyzed on his left side which severely restricts his ability to move his right leg and arm.  In addition to this he has lost his ability to verbally communicate.  He has also lost some cognitive ability however this is hard to assess as due to his limited ability to communicate.” Read more in the Letter of Appreciation.

Yours Sincerely,

The Harris Family

Dear Kevin, Kathy, TIC and Club Cares

We would like to thank you all for your extreme generosity in providing funds for my prosthetic leg.  I am deeply appreciative of your gift which will soon allow me to walk confidently on two legs again!!!  We would not have had the opportunity to get such a practical, high-end knee and components without your help.  Once again Thank you.

Good bless you all,

Luke Hattersley
Manna Industries Inc.

As Chair of Manna Industries Inc, but as representative of the entire Board, I would like to sincerely thank The Investors Club – Club Cares for your generous support and kind contributions. The Holden Caddy Van has already been of great benefit to us… Read more in the testimonial

Red Cross | Endorsement

“Kevin and Kathy Young are investing in the lives of homeless young people through a supported long term learning and development program. Participants will be provided with an individually tailored plan to assist them with the transition from complex personal issues towards readiness for positive participation in society.

We applaud Kevin and Kathy’s community-mindedness and acknowledge the enormous difference their generosity will have on the lives of young people currently living on the streets.”

Mr Greg Goebel
Executive Director Red Cross

“Many people in powerful positions talk the talk but do very little when it comes to supporting unmet community needs, which as we all know are many and varied.

Not so with Kevin and Kathy Young and The Investors Club as they don’t just talk to build up their egos, they actually get in there and do something about it.

Without their encouragement and valuable support this financial year, the Paraplegic Benefit Fund would not be able to help anywhere near the number of people with paraplegia or quadriplegia that we are currently supporting.”

Mr Tony South OAM AM
Community Relations Manager, PBF

YoungCare | Endorsement

On behalf of Greater Eastern Canoe & Kayak Organisation (GECKO) I would like to thank The Investors Club for their sponsorship of our kayak in this event. Red Cross raised just over $430K for this event and I know that your contribution was much appreciated.

Ian Powell
(Club Member)

I will treasure the memory of the abundant gratitude and vibrant smile that lit up one of the Vietnamese ladies to whom I delivered a food package to. Being able to provide some form of relief for these friendly Vietnamese people gave me a ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling. I also felt very honoured to be part of the TIC group of people who were so generous and caring towards the well being of the Vietnamese people.

Deidre Jones
(Club PMC Member and Vietnam relief participant)

Thank you for your support of our first Member Blitz day. It wouldn’t have been the success it was without you.

John & Swarnie Condon, Robyn & Ken Atkins, Steve & Dale Wrigly, Deborah Walton, Peter Oke
(Club Members)

We would like to thank you for your wonderful contribution to our recent fundraising event. We were absolutely blown away by the generous support of both our local community and companies such as TIC. Without your support, events like ours would not be possible.

Sally Dixon

Thank you so much for the wonderful support & opportunity you have given me over the years. I shall be forever grateful.  | Bill’s Thank You Letter

Bill Dodd

Just a short note to say thank you very much for donating funds through ‘Club Cares’ for my members, Bernie Svoboda and Karen Ostenried who lost their home in the Kinglake fires.

Anne Greening
(Branch Manager)

Thank you all so much for your kind donation, makes it all worth while and is very much appreciated.

Simon Norris
(Movember participant)

Thank you so much for thinking about us here. It gives us courage to carry on with our projects despite the rising difficulties.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

Just a quick note to thank The Investors Club for their sponsorship this year. It must have helped because we won the cruise section, something we never expected and are absolutely thrilled about! we couldn’t have done it without you.

Antique Angels with Attitude
(Endeavour Car Rally participants)

I would like to say thank you very much to our main sponsor, guess who? The Investors Club (Club Care). Number one in terms of donation money for the fundraising as well as equipment for the race.

Thierry Oblin
(Club Member/Oxfam trailwalk participant)

We are so appreciative of your wonderful caring and support by committing funds towards the completion of the renovation of our garage and surrounding areas to provide accommodation for Georgia and Callan and also to provide ease of access once wheelchairs are needed for their mobility… read more in their testimonial.

Martin & Karen wrote to Club Cares in January 2011 expressing their gratitude for the support received. Click here to read the letter.

Martin & Karen Gregg

The Investors Club is helping Youngcare change peoples’ lives who require high care as a result of their disability. There can be no greater contribution by an organisation to make then that. We are so very grateful for their support.

David Conry
Director Youngcare