Getting Samuel Home

Project August: Getting Samuel Home

Help us raise funds for home modifications, medical equipment and quality of life for Samuel.

Club Cares has been approached by Kym Day (Director, Eagle  Real  Estate) to donate towards getting young Samuel home. Kim has had a long standing relationship with the Property Club.

samuelOne Friday night Samuel was at a school disco, the following Monday he was in an induced coma, fully paralysed with a ventilator to help him breathe. Samuel had ‘transverse myelitis’, a condition where his spinal cord and brain stem are attacked by his own immune system. The effects on Samuel have been extreme.

Samuel still has full intellectual capacity, understanding and sharp wit. However, physically he is fully paralysed.

Essentially — while his intellectual capacity, understanding and sharp wit have thankfully not been affected — he cannot walk, move, use his arms/hands/fingers, speak, swallow or breath for himself. If the ventilator tubing separates from his tracheotomy tube, he is unable to reconnect it to maintain his ventilation.

To be able to bring Samuel home, the family need to raise an extraordinary amount of money in $350,000. Club Cares would like to be a part of this and asks all Property Club Members to donate to this campaign. We will fund raise all we can for the month of August.

Club Cares will MATCH EVERY DOLLAR raised.

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