Club Cares | A Property Club Charity

Annual Review 2015

The Year with Club Cares

In 2015, Club Cares Inc realigned its strategic goals in fundraising to bring a stronger influence from the Property Club Branches direct.  Our PMs and BMs are fundraising for their nominated recipients; with Club Cares ‘match giving’ to double the monies raised and donated.  Inclusive fundraising at this branch level is bringing a greater sense of inclusiveness for Property Club Members and also increases the charities visibility.

As a return, the Property Club is able draw on this social responsibility as a marketing tool following the public’s expectations that large businesses have social & ethical accountability. With this change, we saw a much greater increase in branch fundraising.  I believe in 2016 we will see the number of recipients rise again as more and more Property Club Members are involved.

Introducing the Club Carer Program

Next year 2016, we will be launching our Club Carer Program which will include a State Club Carer and Club Carer Membership.  The goal of this program is two-fold, first to increase funding through a general membership and second to invite our Property Club Members into a Volunteer Role that is ‘hands on’.  Like all charities, funding is integral to our survival and many members will appreciate being able to contribute financially.

The State Club Carer role is a position created to help our PMs and BMs with fundraising activities at their events.  This role will suit PMC Members, Club Members or a retired person.  It will bring new energy and a local face to the charity at a regional level.  The Club Cares Coordinator will work direct with the State Club Carer giving every possible assistance.  Please visit our Donate page to join.

Donations – Feeling the Love!

This year we again welcomed the continued support from Deppro, the Depreciation Specialists for their corporate donations.  Paul Bennion & his team are committed to helping others and donate a portion from every report they do for Property Club Members to our charity.  This year they have donated over $50,000.

Our Property Club Members have donated a whopping $17,000 this year.  A fantastic result, with many thanks going to our PMs and BMs for all their work with fundraising.  A very special thank you as well to our PMC Members who actively donate at workshops, the international PMC Conference and our online campaigns.

Recipients of 2015

It has been another successful year with our Property Club Members nominating recipients across the nation.  Club Cares has donated over $49,000!  Below is a summary of Who We Have Helped. Please visit the page to read their personal stories.

Funding for
Nicholas Randall
Jake Sewell
Bathroom modification
Keran Villis
Jill Clifford
Funeral Expenses
Nathan Hoare
Carol Worboys
Stand up wheelchair
Bill Dodd
Jake Sewell
Wheelchair modified van
Jackson Morcom
Jennie Elliott
Seizure Mat
Natalie Horobin
Allana Wignall
Prosthetic Foot
All Branches
Donation for Cyclone
Georgia Lawson
Anne Batterham
Bathroom modification
Elijah Selkrig
Carol Worboys
Hearing technology
Ann Carter
Fred Zanette
Kitchen modifications
Paul Malone
Carol Worboys

The Club Cares Board

A very special thank you to our Board Members who throughout the year have been kept busy evaluating applications and helping out at local events.  The Board consists of 12 members, four of whom make up the Management Committee.

This year we say thank you and farewell to Warwick Duncan who has been an invaluable member of the Board.  We also welcomed our newest Board Members Paul Hoppenbrouwer (PM, NSW) and Chris Garlick (HO Legal).

A Note From Our Coordinator – Caralyn Pearce

Another year has flown by and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It’s been another busy year for the charity and I can’t wait to launch the new Club Carer program in 2016!  See you all next year!  Caralyn