Club Cares benefits from the sale of Award Winning Baking

Property Club members attending the Adelaide Property Expo on Saturday 11 April, 2015 were treated to home-made, award winning muffins, brownies and shortbread which were prepared by local Property Mentor, Jenny Rawolle and her daughter, Tess. The sale of the goodies raised $120 for Club Cares, the benevolent group of Property Club. The same recipes were used by Jenny and Tess when they won ribbons at the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show.

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Club Cares recently assisted young Declan Henderson, an 11 year old boy who is severely affected by epilepsy and who is wheelchair bound. His parents have been transporting Declan in their sedan car, and have had to pick him up physically from his wheelchair to put him into the car. As Declan has grown this task has become more and more difficult for his parents, particularly Mum who often has to deal with Declan while Dad is away for work.

Club Cares have contributed $5000 towards the purchase and modification of a van which is being modified for wheelchair access at the moment. Just the modification work alone is costing $17,000.

Club Cares and Property Club are very pleased to be able to assist people like Declan and his family and we will continue to think of ways to raise funds at our Club Events.

The next opportunity that we will have is our Evening with Kevin Young, to be held when Kevin Young, our President and Founder, will be in South Australia to attend the Property Millionaires Club (PMC) Weekend at Port Lincoln for the weekend of 1-3 May. Kevin will join the other specialist speakers to assist our PMC members with information that they can use to make the most of their property portfolios. The Evening with Kevin Young event will be held on Monday 4 May at the Highway Inn, Anzac Highway, Plympton and all admission proceeds will go to Club Cares. We are very fortunate that 100% of these funds will be available to assist those in need, as Kevin and Kathy Young pay all administration costs for Club Cares.

Do you know someone we can help? We are looking to immediately improving the quality of life of those less fortunate with the supply of goods and medical services direct. We can help when no one else can! Property Club members can let their Property Mentor know or direct contact can be made to

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