Brian’s Experience

Good day. My name is Brian Casalvega. I’m from Melbourne in Victoria. This is a quick video to say a very big thank you to Club Cares for their kind donation of $8,000. As a result, I’ve been now able to finish off purchasing this van here, and doing the work I need to do to make it a self-driving, where I can drive it myself. Without the kind donation from Club Cares, then this van was going to finish up sitting in the driveway with me not having enough money to be able to finish the project.

I don’t really know how to say thank you enough because now it’s going to give me back the independence. Even though I’ve been disabled most of my life with a recent operation in hospital for cancer, that has made me finish up needing the use of a wheelchair full-time, and that left me in a position where I needed to get another vehicle that I could self-drive, so thank you Club Cares. I really appreciate your donation, and it’s certainly going to give me my independence back. This here, have a look around the edge, quick, quick, this is Daniel, one of the grandsons. Thanks again, Club Cares. Really appreciate it, and it’s my independence, thanks to you. Thank you.

“Thank you Daniel for your testimonial”Club Cares – Property Club Charity