Thank You Club Cares from Craig Michaels

My name is Craig Michaels, and this is a personal note to Kevin Young & Kathy Young from Property Club. A huge thank you goes out to you guys, for paying for my hip surgery. I met Kevin when I was working as the CO and founder of Connect a Charity. Once we actually worked us that we wanted to change the face of homelessness, we started working together. In just one day, this incredible man, Kevin, said to me, “What’s going on with this back brace and walking stick that I had?”

I said to him, “Well, I actually have two faulty hips, and I need to get them replaced.” He said, “What’s stopping you?” I said, “Money.” He said, “Is that all? I can help you. Through my charity, called Club Cares, we can actually pay for your hips, so call your surgeon.”

At that moment, I burst into tears, and today, that’s what’s changed my life, because now I’m helping other people with a disability return to work. Thank you Kevin Young. Thank you Kathy young, and God bless.