Bill Bellairs receives donation from Club Cares

Speaker 1:

Today we are delighted to present to one of our recipients their donation check. Mr. Bill Bellairs is a World War II Kokoda veteran and one of only a handful still alive in the country. Bill was evacuated from Papua New Guinea and is now the patron of the Rotary Kokoda Memorial Walk at Cascade Gardens on the Gold Coast. I recently went there myself before meeting Bill and it has a beautiful kids’ playground and it has a lovely memorial. It’s worth a visit if you are a local. Bill is a very active member of his community.

Apparently he went on a date recently with an older woman but I’m not sure how true that is. He is heavily involved in various clubs, the surf clubs at RSL, and the TSS, the Southport Boys Club, or Boys School, sorry, or it probably is the Boys Club as well.

He is self-taught of multiple languages and is a keen golfer and loves red wine, so he and Kevin should get on very well. Bill’s apartment that he owns and has lived in for over 40 years is in dire need of repairs to assist with his mobility and safety and so Club Cares is very honoured to present Bill with a $20,000 donation.

Now are there any servicemen or women in the audience who would like to come up for a photo? Come on up, ex, present, future, wanting to be.


Well, unfortunately I am not able to see very well but thank you all for coming here, at least to hear my gratitude to Care for helping me to do something I have been wanting to do for some 40 years, and I managed to get a small amount together and they have matched it with a check like that. Now, not only is my domicile being demolished, they tell me, the architect tells me it’s being renovated. I think it’s being demolished myself.

There is dust everywhere and I am sure that when they finish the job, they don’t seem to be able to tell me exactly when it will be finished but they keep on saying, “When we finish it, it will look superb.” Of that, I have no doubt. If plastering has anything to do with it, if painting has anything to do with it, if breaking down walls, moving furniture. They have at present got my second bedroom literally stacked with goods, so much so that I can’t get into it to get my own things which are way down at the back somewhere. But it was only with Care that this has eventuated, and I give them my heartfelt thanks for all things indeed.

Speaker 1:

Thank you, Bill.

Speaker 3:  

Thank you, Bill

Speaker 1:

It’s always more than just the donation and what the donation does that assists people. Speaking with Bill’s family and his friends and associates, this has given him a renewed lease of life and a hope and spirit to continue on. After hearing his story, it is well worth it. Thank you all to those who continue to support Club Cares, to donate and to also please nominate similar people like Bill from any age group who need some help. It’s well worth it. Thank you.